"What is Black Seed" I Asked

I will never forget the day 14 years ago when I was sitting at work and all of a sudden I received a call from the doctor’s office.  I was about 14 weeks pregnant and there was a problem. The ultrasound had show that there was a cyst in my baby's kidney.  Like every expecting mother this was the last thing I wanted to hear.  As the warm tears began to stroll down from my eyes, I began to beg, "oh God Almighty please not again." You see, I had lost my first born son 5 years prior.

 I left work and made my way to pick up my children from school. I guess my feelings were written all over my face when my son's preschool teacher came up to me and asked "Sister what's wrong? Why do you look so sad?" I explained to her what the doctor's office had just told me about my baby having a cyst inside of his kidney.  Without hesitation she replied "oh don't listen to that, just eat some black seed". "What is black seed?" I asked, she answered "You know black seed the holy prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) said it's a cure for every disease except death.  I will bring you some tomorrow, don't worry just eat the black seed and keep your trust in God."

 Later that day I locked myself in my room and began searching the internet all about black seed.  I couldn't believe how ancient this black seed was and the amount of healing properties that were found in this amazing tiny seed.  This was the medicine of the ancient Egyptians. A bottle of black seed oil was even found in King Tut's tomb.

 The next day after school I met with her and she handed me a plastic sandwich bag 1/4 full of ground black seed (it looked like black pepper). Although she had instructed me to mix it with honey and take 1 teaspoon daily I didn't. I would just take a 3 finger pinch of it and literally tossed it into my glass of milk and began drinking it daily.

 After about a couple weeks I went for my follow up appointment and for another ultrasound check.  The cyst was clearly residing in my baby’s kidney.  The doctor then referred me to Mount Sinai Hospital in downtown Toronto to see a specialist. I didn't make any mention to the doctor about the black seed.

 As time went on my third and final appointment with the specialist had arrived.  I was about 7 months pregnant and had been taking the black seed for about 3 and half months at this point. The technician began to perform the ultrasound. He firmly pressed the scope on my belly and started fishing around and around.  After about 20 minutes he stopped and with a puzzled look excused himself.  As I laid there in the cold dark room I could sense that something was up. After a while a doctor entered my room.  He began to explain to me that he was viewing the videos of the 2 previous ultrasounds and could clearly see the cyst but today's ultrasound shows no cyst, it has completely disappeared. I could still remember my whole body just stood up and I just began praising my Lord.  I can't even remember fully what the doctor was saying or explaining I guess I had completely tuned him out.  In my heart and mind I was just filled with amazement and I just knew it was the Black Seed.

 From that day till this day I have experienced many benefits of Black Seed. I was so amazed with it that I began selling Black Seed just shortly after I gave birth to my healthy baby boy.

One of the therapeutic action of the black seed Abortifacient induces the premature expulsion (causes abortion) of the fetus (i didn't know that at that time).

 Please take note: pregnant women should NOT take Black Seed especially in the early stage of pregnancy.  Black seed can cause early dilation of the cervix which can cause a miscarriage.  Please consult your doctor or health care practitioner before using any herbal supplements.