FACIAL - Black Seed Rose Oil Facial Moisturizer
Sweet Sunnah

FACIAL - Black Seed Rose Oil Facial Moisturizer

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Action and Function of Rose Oil Facial Moisturizer:

Everyone loves this scrumptious cream!

Ingredients are everything when it comes to choosing a truly beneficial face cream, this is why we formulated ours using premium organic botanicals and skin softening oils.

Our unique face cream is a delicate blend of organic skin nourishing oils and botanicals.

This unique botanical formulation provides a precise balance of effective herbal ingredients historically known to provide nourishment and moisture to delicate skin. Specifically designed for application to the delicate facial area to enhance skin rejuvenation, prevent wrinkles, and aid damaged dermal and epidermal tissue.

Your luminescent glow lasts all day long. This remarkable cream has the ability to accelerate new cell growth. It softens and moisturizes tiny facial lines while healing and promoting healthier facial tissues. For all skin types.

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